Sensational Vegan Recipes

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Philip Michael Thomas

Practicing my Food ART and photography with Vegan Chef Sandi Morais has been an adventure of JOY to over 20 years.  It was my quest as the Food ART photographer to design each artistic photograph from the ingredients to the finished presentation, so you can See, Smell, Taste, and Eat the recipes with your eyes.  As you enjoy looking at each photograph, I hope you feel like a hungry Lion or Lioness who wants to eat and drink right from the pages.

The pure magic of Sandi’s Jamaican Island culture is in full bloom with passion when she is mixing all the fresh organic herbs and spices with each recipe she prepares! I love all her Divine Dishes and especially the signature Jamaican Jerk Chickpea Salad. It is finger licking good and sizzling hot!  I love drinking all the fresh fruit smoothies like the CranberryBliz and Chocolate RaspberryBliz.   The daily fresh fruit and vegetable juice feasting is powerful for the body! The Super Soups & Sensational Salads are delicious!  OMG! All you chocolate lovers and Dessert Foodies will sing  Hallelujah when your taste buds are ENJOYING the Tantalizing Desserts! Vegan Chef Sandi Morais is definitely a magician in the kitchen.

When you buy this Sensational Vegan Recipes Cookbook, it is a Gift Just for You! You can start preparing your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts.  You will be nourished with Real Food recipes! Your soul will be filled with love and passion as you enjoy eating Chef Sandi’s tasty VEGAN LOVE Cuisine and become the physician in your own kitchen.

You can listen to PMT original Dance Music, Love Ballads or World Music while you are preparing this delicious Vegan Cuisine. Just visit and ENJOY Hot Sex-Z-Lady, All My Love, Sweet African Woman, Starry-Eyed, Passion Fruit, Feel Like Making Love and Brother 2 Brother.

Healthy Eating,

Philip Michael Thomas

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